mirror frame aluminium alloy profiles

The mirror frame aluminium alloy profiles are made of aluminum alloy, which is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and is durable; the joints are bright and beautiful with chrome plating and can be hung and supported without scratches on the surface; a matte sheet is attached to the screen to protect the screen from damage.

Application of aluminum alloy in LED lamps

Introduction of aluminum alloy in LED lampsThe quality of the heat dissipation effect is closely related to the heat dissipation method of the LED lamp, the form of the shell, the application of the heat dissipation material and the use environment. High-cost performance is unique in the field of LED lighting heat dissipation materials

Aluminium 5005 alloys

Fabrication Aluminium 5005 is not generally hot worked. It is readily cold formable in the annealed condition, as it is a relatively soft and ductile alloy. Forming loads and tool & press wear are generally less than with carbon steel. For piercing and blanking the punch to die clearance should be about 6% of the thickness per side for the H32 & H34 tempers. Sharp tools are required.