Aluminum channel profile for led lighting

Aluminum channel profile for led lighting is an aluminum extruded profile used for the installation of LED lighting strip. These aluminum channel profile for led lighting are not only an excellent housing for LED lighting strips, but also can be used as their radiator to prolong the service life of LEDs. The frosted shell hides the LED lighting strip, making it a professional appearance lamp. This LED aluminum slot is small, slim and easy to install. It is very suitable for cabinets, stairs, closets, exhibits, furniture, workshops, etc.

Aluminum led light strip bar

The appearance of aluminum led light strip bar includes titanium, golden yellow, champagne, imitation stainless steel and various colors, as well as special effects such as mirror, sandstone, matte, pearlescent and so on. Among many surface treatment technologies, electrophoretic coating is the most suitable technology with development direction

Aluminum led strip extrusion channel

The specifications of aluminum led strip extrusion channel :Material Alloy:6063/6061/6005 /6082/6060 etcTemper: T4 T5 T6Specifications: Common specifications can be found in our drawings. The bottom widath is generally 20-400 mm, the height is 20-600mm, the thickness is 0.4-3.5 mm or customized according to customer requirements.The length is any custom within 6 meters, and the special size can be customized according to the specific situation.